Charm With Me Club

I love love love jewelry. Whether it is designer, handmade, or anything inbetween, I love and appreciate it all. One of my favorite pieces, is my Pandora bracelet. I adore all of the charms I have for it, but one of the things I wish, is that they had more “nerdy” jewelry. Enter Charm With Me Club. Every month they have 1-2 themes for you to choose from and you will receive 2 charms for your bracelet. These charms fit on Pandora, Chamilia, and other styles of “European” charm bracelets. I fell in love with these when I saw that … Continue reading Charm With Me Club

Byzantine Necklace

Made out of 1/8″ 20g bright aluminum rings, this necklace is my favorite that I have made. The byzantine pattern is one of my favorites to make with chainmaille. I originally made it as a bracelet but I loved it so much that I made it into a necklace. It is a relaxing pattern to make. Due to the small size of these rings, this necklace took me approximately 8 hours to make. Granted, I did this while watching TV/Movies as well. This necklace turned out better than I had hoped for and I am very happy with it. I … Continue reading Byzantine Necklace