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The Hidden Staircase (Nancy Drew 2)

Continuing along my re-visitation of my childhood, I decided to continue reading the Nancy Drew Mystery Stories.



In this book, Nancy’s friend Helen comes to her for help. Her aunt’s home is being haunted and Helen’s aunt is being pressured to sell her home. At the same time, Nancy’s father is being warned to stay away from the case that he is working on. As the book progresses, the two cases become intertwined and the plot thickens with twists and turns.

In my opinion, The Hidden Staircase was an improvement on the first book in the series. It is getting easier to relate to the characters as you learn more about them.

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The Secret of the Old Clock (Nancy Drew 1)

Nancy Drew Mystery Stories by Carolyn Keene was one of my favorite book series when I was growing up. It was the first mystery series I ever read. I decided to revisit my childhood by rereading this series, starting with, The Secret of the Old Clock.


Now, unfortunately, I decided to reread these books in the Kindle ebook format. While ebooks are my favorite, this book did not transfer over well. There were a few pages that were missing and a couple were cut off on the sides. However, I was still able to understand and follow the story line which is what mattered. And, as I was reading, I remembered the plot from when I read it originally.

Nancy Drew was a wonderful heroine for her time. The Secret of the Old Clock is not as engaging as other mystery books nowadays, but it is still an awesome way to start out the mystery genre.


In this book, Nancy is on the hunt for a missing will. Through twists and turns, Nancy makes new friends, discovers the true will, and does so without losing her dignity or her poise. Even when she is locked up by the bad guys, she remains cool and collected.

This series was better when I was a child but I still love it now.

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Disclosure: I received a free copy of this ebook in exchange for an honest review.


When I first received this ebook, I had no idea what to expect. I have never really thought much about the legend of Bigfoot/Sasquatch. I really have no prior opinions as to whether or not it exists/is a hoax/is real, etc. I went into this book with no prior beliefs or biases.

This book was very short and to the point. It gave examples of some sightings of this mysterious creature as well as a little bit of background. According to my kindle app, it was 41 pages long but I felt that it was shorter than that.

It felt like more of a preview than a full book. I would have loved to read more about the legend, heard more stories, and learned more about the history of this mythological creature. This book was a teaser into the legend and I will admit that it did make me more curious.

A well-written book but I would have loved for it to be longer and been more in depth.

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