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The A-List


This week I have been wanting short, fun, easy books to read. I remembered reading the A-List series by Zoey Dean a few years ago and enjoying them so I thought, why not reread?

The first book of the series, The A-List, was exactly what I have been in the mood for. A quick, easy, but still enjoyable read.

Of course there are many points that I roll my eyes at. As do many of the fiction books about the privileged and wealthy. Nothing wrong with that lifestyle, it just seems very over-the-top.

In this book, I love that even though Anna comes from money, she is also intelligent and driven. She doesn’t expect things to be handed to her.

The dynamics between the characters so far are hilarious to me. Maybe it is because I am reading it from the perspective of a 26 year old. It’s difficult to see their problems as true hardships. But at that age, they are. It’s interesting to remember reading it when I was younger and able to semi-relate, and to read it now and not be able to relate at all.

All in all, a great book that fills the current literary need I have.

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First off, OF COURSE KELADRY’S MYSTERIOUS BENEFACTOR WAS ALANNA!!!!!!!! Literally knew it was her from the very first gift.

Okay, that point aside, this book was fantastic! Lord Raoul was the perfect person to pick Keladry as his squire. The dynamics between the two were hilarious to read. No other lord would have let Keladry speak her mind as much as Raoul did.

I was also happy to see Keladry start a relationship with Cleon. It shows the evolution of her character that she was able to be with him, but not shirk her duties as a squire. Or lose sight of her dream and goals.

I have mixed feelings about the Chamber. I like that it punished the guy who hurt so many women. But I also don’t like that it basically mentally tortures anyone who goes in. Although I was happy that Joren is now gone. Especially since he got a slap on the wrist for kidnapping Lalasa and trying to ruin Keladry’s future. But the way Keladry handled it was perfect!

It is obvious that Keladry has a huge future ahead of her and I can’t wait to see where it leads.

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Ahhhh Tamora Pierce wrote another great installment in the Protector of the Small series! With each book, I have the hardest time putting it down to work on other tasks. I want to devour it until it is done.

Keladry is one of my favorite characters. I love how she takes it upon herself to do away with the mistreatment/hazing of the new pages. My absolute favorite part is, without a doubt, the way she handled the kidnapping of her maid. She put her maid’s safety/health/well being/interests above her own, and that is what makes her a true knight. I also love that Keladry wanted her maid to keep her earnings from being a seamstress. She is trying to change the way the social dynamics work, and is doing a great job. Keep in mind, she is only 11!

This series is very quickly becoming one of my favorites. I can’t wait to read book 3, and to read Tamora Pierce’s other books as well!

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First Test


The Protector of the Small series by Tamora Pierce was recommended to me by one of my close friends, Nicole. Since we have similar taste in books, I was immediately excited to read it. And once again, Nicole did not disappoint!

First and foremost, I love that while reading this book, you forget how old the main character is. From her attitude, skills, and manner, you think she is quite a bit older than she is. I love that she never gives up despite adverse situations and that she always stays true to herself. Keladry always perseveres and proves that she is just as tough, if not tougher, than the guys.

This book is a deceptively quick read. It is easy to get sucked in to the story and to not want to put it down! But, this is a book where you definitely catch more if you force yourself to slow down and not read as quickly as you are tempted to.

The character development is huge in this book. The focus on Keladry and the guys maturing and becoming friends is wonderful to see. It is easy to picture the story in your mind as you read.

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Where to start. This book did not live up to the standards that the first two provided. For most of it, I felt that I was reading a teen romance novel. And not a good one at that.

My fears from the last book proved to be true, the majority of this installment focused on Zoey and her three love interests. The first, most annoying part that I will focus on: she sleeps with her teacher. And Imprints with him. Ugh, seriously? She knows how bad it is but she does anyways. And then her boyfriend catches her and is rightly pissed off. Now, she did not deserve to be treated the way he then treated her, but Erik was understandable mad at both her and the teacher. After all, the teacher used and manipulated her in many ways. At this point, I hope she gets back with her human boyfriend, Heath. At least he isn’t trying to control her and does truly love her.

Okay, enough about that.

Stevie Rae is alive! Well, she’s undead. Same thing? Maybe, possibly. I love that Stevie Rae ends up being restored to her old self, with a couple minor changes. I think Stevie Rae is going to play a very important role from now on and I am excited to see what that is.

I am definitely enjoying the changes in Aphrodite and Zoey’s relationship. I am glad that they seem to have buried their past and are working on establishing trust and friendship. I also like the character development of Aphrodite. She is showing that she isn’t simply the shallow vapid character that was originally portrayed. She truly regrets her past actions and wants to atone for what she has done wrong.

Even though Zoey has been distanced from her friends due to her actions, I have faith that they are still there for her and that they won’t actually abandon her.

Guess we will see what book 4 brings! Hopefully less relationship woes!

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Charm With Me Club


I love love love jewelry. Whether it is designer, handmade, or anything inbetween, I love and appreciate it all. One of my favorite pieces, is my Pandora bracelet. I adore all of the charms I have for it, but one of the things I wish, is that they had more “nerdy” jewelry. Enter Charm With Me Club.

Every month they have 1-2 themes for you to choose from and you will receive 2 charms for your bracelet. These charms fit on Pandora, Chamilia, and other styles of “European” charm bracelets. I fell in love with these when I saw that they would have fandom jewelry styles. Example: Harry Potter ❤

These are high quality charms for a reasonable price. And, you will receive your choice of a single or double loop bracelet when you first subscribe! And at $19.99/month (plus tax and shipping), it is a very worthwhile deal! They also have prepay options that reduce the cost!

Here are some previous boxes for you to see:

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Tinkerbell – May 2018

Since everyone needs a little fairy dust, for May’s theme, I decided to go with Tinkerbell. After all, who doesn’t love tiny fairies?


Now, for me personally, I’m not a fan of dangle charms. At least, not right now. Sometimes I am, but not very often. So the little  delicate shoe charm, I will probably put on a necklace. Who says these charms HAVE to go on a bracelet after all?

But the heart charm is perfect for my bracelet and I can’t wait to find the perfect place for it!


These charms are high quality and are super adorable. I can’t wait to implement these into my jewelry.

Next month’s theme is the Incredibles or Jurassic Park. Right now I’m leaning towards the Incredibles. But who knows 😉

Sign up now so you don’t miss out!